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Bone Rongeurs

Bone Rongeurs

gSource bone rongeurs are crafted from high quality German surgical stainless steel and have hollowed, cup-like, sharp working ends similar to a curette. Rongeurs are also called bone biters or bone nibblers, as their main function is to cut or remove small pieces of tissue or bone. They are available in varying sizes and styles, in straight or curved patterns, with a single-action or double-action joint. Selection of size and style is related to the size and type of bone, as certain rongeurs are designed for use on soft tissue and cancellous bone only.


・Zanfal-Jansen Rongeur

・Stille Ruskin Rongeur

・Fridedman Rongeur Micro

・Ruskin Rongeur

・Crushing Rongeur


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