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The Cornea-Care™ eye protection dressing is a clean and effective means of closing the eyes. Comparative mobility of the upper eyelid has been used to shut against the lower lid. It can be used on patients undergoing general anaesthesia, long term ventilation or similar.  Use of Cornea-Care reduces the loss of eyebrow and eyelash hair upon removal, and the transparent window allows the eyes to be observed.  Mild adhesive on the transparent window ensures proper closure of eyelid margins.

Ordinary primitive tapes are porous to fluids and exposed to cross-contamination from hands, saliva from intubation and anaesthetic drug traces. This issue is addressed by a ‘no touch technique’ by providing a split backing release paper on the dressing. Cornea-Care™ aids the formation of a micro-moisture environment underneath the clear film, resulting from the difference between the temperature of the body and the operating theatre. This moisture keeps the eyelid margins moist.

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